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Sunday, June 8, 2008


When I got home from Denver (after I woke up from my 13 hour "doze") I had a couple missed calls from Lois.

(Lois is the woman in Heber who is helping us adopt from the same orphanage/school she adopted from several years ago)

She had received pictures of children who are waiting to be adopted. I was so excited! Robert had to work Saturday, so he wasn't home. I could barely contain myself, but I made myself go through the other 56 emails and save hers for last. I knew if I looked at her emails first, I would never get back to the others.

I started with the first one - it had pictures of 3 siblings. So very cute. The second one had two children who were not related - a boy and a girl. Also very cute. Then there was Sarah. She was in the last email. I about died! My heart started racing and I knew I was a gonner!

I called Lois immediately and was just gushing. She was thrilled (she thought Sarah would be 'the one' and so did Kingsley (he runs the orphanage/school near Cape Coast). When Lois told Kingsley about us and that we wanted to adopt from his school, he said he knew Sarah would be ours.

Anyway, I wanted to wait until Robert got home before I said anything. I wanted to make sure he got to see all the pictures without my bias. Robert called on his way home and I told him Lois had sent some pictures.
I pulled the pics up and we went through them, commenting here and there. Sarah's picture was last. As soon as Robert saw her his face lit up. He kept saying "She's a cutie" over and over.

Anyway, we are thrilled to share our first picture of Sarah with you.... Watch out - she's a heart thief! Don't say I didn't warn you!

I just love that she is biting her little lip! I have a school picture of Robert when he was about 5 - the look on Sarah's face reminds me of that picture. I just love it!


Aimee Smith said...

Jess, she is BEAUTIFUL!I am so excited for you guys! I can not wait to meet her!

Jess said...

What a cutie!!!! Keep us updated :)
You guys are in our prayers.