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Monday, June 2, 2008

A Bump in the Road

It’s been an eventful few days. After submitting our adoption application to Beacon House, we began our home study. Everyone means it when they say it’s a lot of paperwork!

Anyway, on Friday Beacon House decided they knew more about our faith and religious beliefs then we do. They denied our application because they didn’t consider us to be “active, church-going Bible believing Christians.” (The prize goes to Kristy for guessing that might happen).
Robert wasn’t home when I got the news. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. But, after a couple days of trying to re-group and re-examine our options, our feelings about the “set-back” and disappointment have already changed.

I just know that a long, drawn-out, and very painful process was avoided. Not working with Beacon House has already proved to be a great blessing for us.
We have found a local woman who adopted from Ghana about 9 years ago. I spent nearly 2 hours talking on the phone with her today and I was thrilled! Through various contacts she already has in place, she is helping several other couples adopt from Ghana. She is working with a school/orphanage near Cape Coast and they are establishing an adoption program directly through the school.

The costs will be about half of an agency’s. So that is a major bonus. And, fingers crossed, it might be possible for her to arrange for free airfare for the children.
They are working on a website, and have a few pictures of waiting children that she can get!
We were so pleased with the way we were directed to her. She just kept saying that, throughout the adoption process, you just need to expect miracles. So far, after only a few days, we have at least 1!

As for our concrete project... forecast calls for MORE RAIN! So, while we have concrete, Jaron can't stain, seal, etc. it until we have at least 3 days of clear skies.

Utah will have no need to fear a drought this year if we continue to plan projects that require clear skies....


timid said...

It's raining hard here today in Seattle... so more wet weather may be headed your way.

amy said...

Miracles happen more often than people realize, I think. We're hoping and praying that everything works out. :)
And your concrete looks great!