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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Study Update, & etc.

Yesterday was a pretty full day.

Eden completed her Intermediate Obedience class and the Canine Good Citizen test was administered yesterday. Believe it or not, she passed! lol. I think she knew she was being tested and was on remarkable good behavior. We were worried about 2 sections, she had to properly greet the administer and allow the administer to look at her teeth and touch her paws. We also had to leave Eden with the administer for 3 minutes and Eden had to behave.

The problem is that Eden loves strangers soooo much and gets overly excited at the possibility of making a new friend. But she did just fine. So we now have a dog that is recognized by the AKC as being a Good Citizen. (Now if we can just convince our friends, neighbors, and family that she is a Good Citizen!)

We came home from Eden's test all ready to be "tested" ourselves. Anne, our Social Worker arrived about 20 minutes after we got home.

The home study visit lasted about 3 hours. We went over some general information and she told us what the next steps are in the home study. She also asked some questions of clarification on the 23 page autobiographies we had to fill out. Then she met with each of us individually to talk about our desires to adopt and all that. We gave her a quick tour of the home, and that was it.

Next on the check list is to complete about 10 hours of training. Luckily it's online so we can do it whenever it's most convenient. We have another appointment scheduled in about 10 days and we need to have the training completed by then.

Getting closer! Yeah!

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