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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Introduction to the Faith of the Ghanaian People

A few quick points and then my story:

  • Lois called me today

  • We get to call Kingsley and Sarah tomorrow at 9am! We get to hear her voice! YEAH!

  • I need to go buy a phone card!

  • Sarah's birthday is coming up...but it's still a surprise - Lois wouldn't tell me. She wanted Kingsley to be able to tell me! I'm DYING to know!

  • It's getting really hot... the dog days of summer are coming on strong - This is how Eden spends her days... I wish I could join her!

Kingsley is taking care of some paperwork for another family adopting from Ghana (they are not adopting from LuckyHill, but he is helping anyway). He needed to take some paperwork to the Embassy (?) I can't remember now where he was taking it, but it seems like it was the Embassy.

He got to Accra, where the building used to be and no one was there...they had moved. He was finally able to get directions on their new location and when he got there he recognized the building. He had dreamt about it previously - in such detail that he knew exactly where to go and who to talk to about the family's paperwork.

I had the opportunity to meet many people when I was teaching in Ghana, and they are such a faith-filled people. I don't know whether they simply pay more attention, or if it's just the way God speaks to them, but it seems that their dreams are filled with inspiration.

So there you have it. Ghanaian Faith 101. (I have a feeling that there will be many more opportunities for faith-filled experiences as we embark on our adoption journey)

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