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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom and Dad and the Crystal Skull

My mom and dad have been in town this week - Saying goodbye to family before they head to the islands. We haven't seen much of them, though.

Robert and I went to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or whatever it's called with mom and dad, Jill and Hibbs, and Rod and Cathy last night. It was *alright*. You have to love Indy, really, but I had a hard time with the whole alien thing. Aliens who have been dead since the 15th century, coming to life in order to grant your greatest desire (which, in true Indy fashion, if it's selfish will kill you), and then resurrect their ancient space ship and shoot off into space - - correction - - "the space between space" was just a little over the top.

Oh well. Robert and I talked about it a bit, and I think I'm coming to grips with it - A LITTLE. We compared it to the other Indy flicks: an ancient society who believes in the mystical power of their god. In all the others, the mystical power turned out to be true, so I guess it's keeping with the faith, so to speak.

I also took issue with the whole reunite-with-the-old-flame-and-oh-by-the-way-he's-your-son bit. sigh. There were some funny bits, though, and it was basically entertaining.

Adding it to the Indy collection is up for debate. You almost HAVE to so you have the entire collection, but then it becomes like Rocky, and you realize you could really do without 1 or 2 of those....

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