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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Phone Calls to Africa

So I was able to talk to Kingsley this morning. I had written down a bunch of questions about Sarah and we got through ALL of them, with time to spare!

She is an only child, and both her parents died when she was an infant. Her aunt and uncle took care of her for a while, but just couldn't afford to do it anymore. The uncle took her to the orphanage several months ago. He (the uncle) comes to visit her and check up on her regularly.

The school is not outfitted to accommodate really young children, so Sarah, along with a few other young ones stay with foster families nearby. They attend the school during the week days and then stay with their foster families over the weekend.

She is half Ewe, half Fanti (also Fante - it's spelled both ways) and she speaks mostly Fante, but some limited English. (The area I taught was mostly Ewe - so I know a few Ewe words, but only a couple Fante...I'll need to brush up a little, I guess!)

Sarah is quiet at first, but really opens up after she gets to know you (I think this is pretty common for most 2-year-olds). Kingsley said she is a beautiful, quiet girl. He has never, ever seen her act aggressively and she loves to play with the other children. Everyone loves her, he said. She is calm, but active. He said Sarah is a cheerful, clever girl.

Her favorite foods: Rice (they flavor it with a yummy spice-sauce sort of thing that I love!) and YAMS! Looks like Robert will be eating a lot of yams soon! lol. He'll have to get used to them , I guess.

There is an American couple helping out at the orphanage until the end of July. I also spoke with them for a bit. They will spend time with Sarah and interact with her and speak as much English as they can to her so her adjustment is a little easier.

Tonight our friend Amy is coming over. We are going to make a little scrapbook for Sarah. It will have pictures of Robert and me, our house, and Eden.

Oh, and last but NOT LEAST.... Sarah's birthday is July 11! She will be 2 VERY soon!

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