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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shelley is back from Ghana!

So I got an email this morning from Shelley guessed it, she sent a picture of Sarah! Hang on to your boot straps boys and girls, Sarah is about to melt your heart! (ok. I know that was really poor writing - what with the mixed metaphors and all, but you get the idea!)

In her email, Shelley described Sarah as sweet and shy. Sarah wouldn't really talk to Shelley, but she held her hand and walked all around the orphanage with her as Shelley was taking pictures for Lois.

Shelley said she has more pics AND a video! I have to admit I like that she's giving them to me a little at a time. It totally makes my day to see a new picture of her!


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CtephFrid said...

My name is Stephanie Gudmundsson (Lois Martino referred you to me). We are hoping to follow in kind and adopt from LuckHill. Looking at your blog and seeing pictures of cute Sarah is so inspiring.
I'd like to get in touch with you if that's okay.