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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Let me begin by telling a story:

Shelley took her newly adopted daughters (from Ghana) to see Wall-E a while ago. A whole new experience for them - they had no concept of a movie theater. About half way through the movie, the younger (?) one turned to Shelley and said "ok. Let's go home now."

Shelley tried to explain to her daughter, "no. We stay and watch the whole thing because we paid for it." Her daughter just couldn't comprehend it. I thought this was really funny when Shelley told me about it. I thought, "one more thing to adjust to, I guess." You know, a culture shock sort of thing.

And then I saw Wall-E. About half way through the movie I thought, "ok. let's go home now." Yeah. It was so boring!

Besides that, it was WAY too preachy for me. Don't get me wrong, I love doomsday Vonnegut stories just as much as the next guy (maybe even more), but seriously, I just can't take it when the only dialogue in the entire movie is 'oh, poor earth, you just need someone to take care of you and by golly, we are finally going to step up to the plate and do it because earth is so great and Wal-Mart is of the devil'. Side note, I have to agree with them there, Wal-Mart is of the devil. I hate that place.

Maybe some people need to be beat over the head with a giant, feature-film, didactic hammer, but I prefer a little subtlety.

So why didn't I just walk-out? Well, that would be wasteful.


CtephFrid said...

I love hearing stories about Shelley and her girls. Do you know if she has a blog I can visit? I look forward to meeting you both next week!

kare bear said...

I loved WALL-E. First off - reminds me of classic silent pictures. It amazes me what they can do with character development with so little dialog. It doesn't take much to just love wall-e and eve. As for the "preaching" as you refer to it, I loved it. so many issues that are minor now - like communication. The humans in the move would be cruising right next to each other and talking via telecommunications/video conferencing. It's like these blogs, take all personal interaction out of it. you posting these things leads me to believe I don't have to call or contact you because, well I'll just read it on your blog. It also plays up the fact that just because it's there - we should use it/buy it. We don't have to use up all the oil first or wait till prices are sooo high before we do something about alternative fuel. I also appreciated the bit about the couple seeing the stars, or finding the swimming pool. People need to do more of that. I'm not saying you're guilty of that, but I'm just saying - people, in general, need to change a bit and they will lead much happier lives. I liked that WALL-E did that. Plus I thought it was funny and cute. Brandon and Maddie really like it too. Brandon even ran up to the screen to get closer. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now.