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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So. As many of you know we have been sweating the arrival of Robert's "invitation to be fingerprinted". That's what I've been calling it, anyway. We sent in a form requesting a background check &etc. and sent in money (of course). The state agency then sends out an "invitation" to be fingerprinted within a certain time frame.

Well, days passed, followed by weeks - still no "invitation." Our SW was finally able to track down the paperwork (I guess that's the good thing about the government: always a paper trail). Robert's paperwork was sent to the wrong adoption agency. Since the fingerprinting police (FBI???) can't have more than one copy of the invitation out at a single given moment, they had to wait for Robert's letter to be returned. (I hope everyone out there always returns mail that is incorrectly delivered!)

The returned letter in question finally arrived, and the office sent out another letter to the correct agency. whew. It arrived in our mailbox Saturday. Robert dropped in at the West Valley office to be fingerprinted Monday morning.

On a whim, later that afternoon, I emailed our SW with a brief update: "Robert went this morning to be fingerprinted." She promptly responded with something along the lines of 'oh I already know, he was cleared, and the woman at the office gave me a call, and I've already forwarded your Home Study on to our approval board."

What?!?!? Who has ever heard of that kind of turn around? I mean, we are talking in a matter of hours Robert's fingerprints were electronically submitted, they ran them and came up with a positive report (or perhaps it's considered a negative report since nothing came up), and then that report was already relayed to not only another government employee, but also our Social Worker! Crazy.

So I am in a mad dash to get everything ready to submit our I600-A and our dossier. The good thing is that, mostly, I just need to make copies of various items I already collected for our home study.

Also, Kingsley should be taking Sarah to get her passport any day now. I can't get over how cute that is - little Sarah with her own passport! lol. I was about 15 before I had/needed a passport!

Anyway, things are moving right along. Keep your fingers crossed, and your prayers aimed heavenward that everything will continue to go as smoothly!


Jess said...

You are in our prayers :) We are soooooo excited for you!!

CtephFrid said...

I am so excited for you!!! When do you predictyou can go pick her up once all this other stuff is done?
We are praying for you!!!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!