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Saturday, July 26, 2008


So on Wednesday (I know, I'm a little late) we had our first Ghana Adoption Lunch. It was really a lot of fun to meet all these women I've been emailing and calling. Jenifer (in town from CA visiting family), Stephanie and her friend Jennifer, Shelley, Jill, Lois and I were all in attendance - along with an occasional spouse and many children.

Pictures, stories, and adoption information were passed along and shared. The next phases of the adoption process were outlined - tips and suggestions were shared - and we talked about how those with recent additions are adjusting. It is so great to have people close by that are sharing this experience.

Lois updated us on Kingsley's progress - he is currently working on adoptions for Jenifer, Stephanie, Lanae (not at our little lunch) and us. We learned that the money we sent to Kingsley via Shelley has paid for all of our adoption paperwork, travel expenses, feeding the children at the orphanage, and...Kingsley was even able to buy a car! It will be so much easier for him to do all of his traveling for adoptions and the orphanage now that he has a car. He will not need to rely on other people or the 'public transportation'. He will be able to accomplish a lot more a lot faster.

We were thrilled to learn how far the money went - I believe it was even used to help get other adoptions rolling so Kingsley doesn't have to wait for their money to arrive before he can get started collecting the paperwork.

Anyway, that's the update :)

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Harward Family said...

That is super exciting!!! I just can't wait to meet Sarah. Best of luck with your adoption.