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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video Clip of Sarah!

Shelley and Lois spent hours yesterday trying to email me this video! lol. After many failed attempts (the file was too large) Lois compressed it so it finally got through this morning. I already watched it about 10 times this morning, so I figure it's time to share it with you all.

I *think* my favorite moment is right at the very beginning when Shelley calls out to Sarah and Sarah whips around, all alert and eager and her eyes are sparkling. It's soooo cute!

Shelley is trying desperately to get Sarah to talk - she was limited on battery life, so she only had one shot. I'm pretty sure Sarah sneaks out a couple "hello"s at the very beginning (you can see her mouth move, but you don't hear anything). Then she just seems to be like "hey crazy lady, I already said hello twice and that's all the talking I feel like doing right now." (I get that look a lot from Robert).

I'm not sure if she says "Sarah" or not when Shelley changes tactics. You can definitely hear a little girl say "Sarah" but I can't really tell if her mouth is moving!

Oh, and for some reason, Shelley flips the camera so you have to tilt your head to view it properly. Shelley apologizes for that.

Here is our first video of Sarah, enjoy!

On another adoption update, we are STILL waiting for Robert's background check. :( Our SW called the state office and the woman there said it was sent out on June 26th! Mine came, but still nothing for Robert. We paid extra for electronic fingerprinting because it was supposed to be faster, yeah right! It's been 3 weeks and we don't even have the card they send that allows Robert to be fingerprinted! Hopefully when he actually gets fingerprinted, that will be fast!


amy said...

Sarah is so precious!!! Are those dimples I see? How cute! She's a movie star already!

Shallee said...


You don't know me, but I found your blog through the Adopt Ghana Yahoo group. I am also from Utah, and I just got back from my second trip to Ghana (volunteering), and actually visited Lucky Hill! The organization I work for has had contact with Kingsley, and we took some donations to them. I'm sorry I didn't realize that's where you were adopting from, I could have taken pictures too! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and good luck!


CtephFrid said...

She is so adorable. Makes me choke up. You will have a precious daughter for sure!

Branden said...

she's a cutie. That's so exciting for you guys.