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Friday, July 18, 2008

What's Your Ghanaian Name?

Ok. I couldn't help myself. Here's more info on the Ghanaian names I was mentioning in the above post.

"The Ghanaian Day Name is the name assigned to the child born on a specific day of the week which also includes characteristics of the child born on the specific day of the week. This day name also, called the Kradin name, is carried on throughout the life of the child, and amazingly accurate as horoscopes in the western world."

To find out what day of the week you were born on click here.

I was born on a Thursday (no surprise once you read the meanings)

Day of birth Name

Female: Adwoa, Adzo, Ajoba, Ejo
Male: Bobo, Jojo, Kobie, Kojo, Kwodwo
Female: Abena, Abla, Araba
Male: Ebo, Kobena, Kwabina
Female: Aku, Akuba, Ekua, Ekuwa, Kuukuwa
Male: Kuuku, Kwaku, Kweku
Female: Aba, Yaa, Yaaba, Yaayaa
Male: Ekow, Yao, Yaw, Yokow
Female: Afi, Afua, Efie, Efua
Male: Fifi, Kofi, Yoofi
Female: Ama, Awo
Male: Ato, Atoapem, Kwame, Kwamena
Female: Akosua, Esi, Kisi
Male: Akwasi, Kwesi, Siisi

Day of birth Description

Calm, tranquil, and cool (like icewater), skillful and adept under pressing conditions
Warm, gentle, eloquent and compassionate
Mischievous, vicarious, vigilant and daring
Eager for battle, a big rock in one's pocket, skillful in dealing with people
The wanderer, adventurous, wisdom and tenacity
Possesses the medicine for snake bites, able to reverse crisis, thorough and painstakingly scrupulous, Saturday is also God's Day
Tail of the Animal, protection from flies and danger, very protective of others and patient

What day were you born on?
Which Ghanaian name would you choose?

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