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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cute Little Ghanaian Faces

Andy and Jessica (the Provo couple volunteering at Lucky Hill this summer) took some fantastic pics of the newly placed children. And yes, Sarah was included!

Lois forwarded them to me and they are soooo cute! Thought I'd share....
Prince and Matilda: Adopted by Jenifer & family. Look at Matilda's HUGE smile! She looks like the girl who will always be making everyone smile - hers is so contagious! It makes me laugh along with her every time I see this picture.

Brian and Josephine: Adopted by Lanae and family. Brian looks like such a sweet little gentleman! Josephine seems a little shy in pictures, but Andy and Jessica got her to smile in one!

And the rest are all of our little Sarah! Here's what Jessica said in her email about Sarah:

Can you please tell Jessica that Sarah has a very cute personality. She is shy at first but when she warms up to you, she is happy and sometimes even mischievous. She got the books Jessica sent her for her birthday and I have read them to Sarah. I think that Jessica will just love Sarah - she's so cute!
Hanging out with Jessica and Andy:


Big Brown Eyes and Eyelashes to DIE for:

New Hat:

Lois also spoke with Kingsley today. Sarah's traditional name is Adwoa (Ah-jew-wa) and that's what they call her at the orphanage. It means, basically, 'girl born on Monday'. Ghanaian's typically give their children an English/British name and a traditional name as well. There are specific names for girls and boys for every day of the week, so yeah, it's not unheard of for families to have children with the same name. (Although they usually add prefixes to help distinguish). I knew a family in Ho that had 3 boys - all born on Saturday. They were all called Kwame! I guess it makes for easy remembering if you have a lot of kids! :)


Shallee said...

Love the pics! She is such a doll. I like your post about Ghanaian names, too-- I'm Abena, Tuesday born. :) I hope you have fun at the lunch, I realized just a few minutes ago I have a lunch meeting for work, so I can't make it. Good luck as things keep progressing!

Jess said...

What a beauty!!! Those eyes are amazing, I bet you are on cloud nine!

Laurel said...

Thanks for your note on my blog. :)

I was looking at the pics on this post and thought, "those kids look familiar." Lanae and family in our area (Western Wa.) and she has been in contact with me the last couple of weeks regarding Ghanaian adoptions. She had mentioned Lucky Hill, but I didn't remember that that was where you were adopting from.

So, more blogging friends with kids from the same orphanage. Too cool!


Laurel :)