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Thursday, September 18, 2008

See Jean Ride

Jean, Kingsley's oldest daughter enjoyed the rare pleasure of riding a bike today.

A man and his bike showed up briefly at the school today...not really sure why. He was very accommodating as all the orphans rode the bike around. A few minutes after this video, the children asked if I knew how to ride a bike....

"Oh please," I said as I hiked up my skirt and took hold of the handle bars. I will admit that it is a little scary riding a bike on rough terrain in a skirt. But I showed them my biking prowess still the same.

Lois said Ajua was laughing as she watched me ride the bike. See how ridiculous it is! Mommy riding a bike! What a joke. She sure looks funny!

I just wish I had a video of me riding and Ajua laughing....

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