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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pics from Cody and Ashley's Wedding

So my aunt saw the previous posting and sent these pics to me right away....

It's just taken me a while to sit down and do something that is not related to leaving Tuesday morning!

These pictures are really cute - Cody and Ash are so perfect together I love it! It's so good to see your little brother so happy and know that he has such an awesome wife.

Cody and Ashley
I love the reflection in this one...look close, can you spot Cody adn Ashley in the middle?
Ashley is really smart with money and she is very frugal. She prides herself on it. So instead of spending a small fortune on a dress you wear once (maybe twice if you include taking pictures in it), she just wore mine. Fine by me. The dress is so beautiful, the more exposure it gets, the better. This picture really shows the awesome detail... Man I love this dress!

The beautiful Ashley
The handsome Cody
The family (it's totally strange to me that we - Cody and I - are old enough to be married! Our family now includes INLAWS. Weird!) Robert, me, Ashley, Cody, Mom, Dad.


Rebecka said...

I can't believe Cody is married!! What great pictures. Your parents look exactly the same. I just showed dan the picture of all of you together and I told him how much I loved your mom.

And that is so exciting that you have your plane tickets to pick up Sarah. And as far as tips for traveling with a two year old, good luck! :) I don't even like taking Danny to Wal-Mart. But I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see you! Hopefully we can meet up when we come out in October.

Cody and Ashley said...

I love those pictures too. They are proudly displayed around our new apartment. Thank You SO much (again) for letting me use your GORGIOUS dress.

Good luck with all the paperwork. Our prayers are with you! Can't wait to meet Sarah!!!