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Friday, September 12, 2008

Local Scenery and School

We made a quick visit to Luckyhill today.

Here are some quick pictures of the local scenery (shot out the car window, sorry) and a few pictures Robert took of the school/orphanage.

Our adoption decree was supposed to be ready to pick up when we arrived. That is, after all, why we bought our tickets. We found out that not only is is NOT ready, the lawyer hasn't even submitted our file yet.
We were told he was waiting on some paperwork from the Social Welfare Worker... we are going to be meeting with the SW man to figure out what the hold up is. Kingsley said the report is ready, it just isn't typed yet.

Forget that. I'll type the dang thing myself if it gets us closer to court! It's going to take a miracle to get us home by the 19th, I think, but we are still hopeful.

The building on the left is the 'house'. It's where the volunteers, children, and Kingsley's family sleep. Some of the children sleep in the school rooms.

This is behind the house. This area is where the children play.

Additional school rooms are greatly needed. There are over 300 students who attend the school and only about 6 or 7 classrooms. Currently, Kingsley is working on building 4 more classrooms as he receives donations.

This is the unfinished Kitchen. Next to the kitchen is the unfinished library where books and school supplies will be kept. Again, Kingsley works on these rooms as money comes in. Currently, Gloria cooks for over 300 children every day over coals, outside. If it rains, she moves everything over by the classrooms where there is protection from the rain.

This is the road to get to the school.
Robert and Ajua. She's warming up to him!

Sarah was a little unhappy that I was showing Mathilda attention. She believes no one else should even touch me. She gets upset every time the other children swarm me and she gets pushed out of the way.

We took Mathilda into Accra with us and she had a BLAST! She is so funny! We stopped to eat at Frankies and she cleaned her plate - and I do mean cleaned. She picked every bit of rice off that thing. When she was finished she hopped down from her chair and took her plate up to the servers to return it. lol. It was so funny. She just strutted right up to them and handed it to our server. They were laughing and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her helpfulness. At the school, the children have to return their plates as soon as they are finished so they can be washed and loaded up for the next child. She will LOVE clearing her place after dinner at home, Jennifer!

Driving from the school to our guest house.

The weather was actually quite nice. It wasn't ever extremely hot, and only uncomfortably humid once when it rained the day before.

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