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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OMG! Sarah is SHARING!

Ok. So I really love Sarah, but she has a little problem with sharing. Ummmm, correction, a BIG problem. It's actually a little bit funny.

I mentioned before how upset she would get if other children came up to me and crowded her out. Anyway, she's not so good at sharing with other people.

So I was completely surprised when we arrived at the school in the afternoon and I looked behind me to find her and....she had pulled out her lunch, sat down with a little friend, and was SHARING!

She came toddling up to me with the request, "Nsu?" (water?). I gave her a bottle and she promptly returned to her friend and gave the bottle to her.

So. She does know how to share and is quite good at looking out for the interests of others - as long as it's on her own terms, I guess.

Here's proof: (Robert will be especially skeptical of this claim that Sarah can share)


Rebecka said...

I too am amazed when Danny shares. It's such a thing for them at that age. Danny had a hard time at the beginning sharing me when Kate arrived, but they do get better at it. It's going to be so fun watching what she learns at this point--Danny is learning new words right and left and is getting so big. They're about the same age, right? Danny will be two Oct. 5.

Laurel said...

I just read about a month of your blog updates (since I've been out of town). I always love reading about others who are in Ghana, right now. It brings back so many memories.

Fun to see the pics of Lanae's kids. Their family have become friends of ours, and we are so excited for them to get the kids home.

Praying for you in the midst of a frustrating process. Been there ... done that.

Laurel :)