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Thursday, September 11, 2008


We arrived safe and sound in Ghana yesterday morning. Our flight left Salt Lake the morning of the 8th and we landed in Accra on the 9th. Our flight, although long, wasn't too bad. Robert wasn't able to sleep much from NY to Accra, so he was pretty tired.
Kingsley met us at the airport with Sarah. I was really nervous that I wouldn't recognize them, but we had no problem. I saw Sarah as soon as we came out the doors.

I had brought a baby doll in my carry-on so I could give it to her right away. If there's one thing I've learned from my mom, it's that any girl will love you if you give her a doll. :)

It took about an hour to get back to the school from the airport. Robert rode in front with Kingsley and Sarah and I were in the back. We had good bondng time.

By the time we arrived in Buduburam, she was sleeping in my arms. Kingsley left us at the guest house to rest a bit and Sarah wanted to stay with us. We were very surprised and VERY happy that she had taken to us.... She even wanted to stay with us the forst night. She never went back to her foster family after we arrived - she knew we were her mom and dad! :)

Well, ok. Me. She was really unsure about Robert. The lady running the guest house said it's because Robert has light eyes. Something about light eyes being scary... Kingsley more or less confirmed that idea later.

Robert outside the guest house at something like 4:30 or 5am. Yes. That is what time Kingsley would come to pick us up to start our day. :( I am NOT a morning person.

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