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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kakum and Cape Coast

We visited Kakum National Park and Cape Coast today. We were able to do part of the canopy walk at Kakum (some of the bridges were closed for repair). We wanted to visit the Slave Castle in Cape Coast, but it was closed by the time we arrived. Pretty disappointing.

I hope I never forget the look on Ajua's face when she saw the ocean. It was the first time she had ever seen it, and she was amazed. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she exclaimed "Nsu!" (water) and pointed excitedly at the ocean. It was so cute! She couldn't take her eyes off it.

We can't wait to take her to San Diego! She will LOVE it!

Robert thought this tree growing inside a dead tree was particularly interesting.

Along with this You can't really see it, but at the bottom there is a drawing of a stick figure man peeing. It's pretty funny. Mostly because they pee everywhere and I don't think a sign would really stop them anyway.

The beginning of the canopy walk.

A nice view from one of the platforms.

Here is one of the bridges we walked across.

You walk across one bridge to a platform, then another bridge, etc. Typically they have 7 bridges open and you make a circle around. They had one or two of the middle bridges closed for repairs, so we had to walk out and back. It made for some unnerving traffic jams on the platforms.

Ajua couldn't understand why I was getting tired of carrying her. The walk up to the canopy was pretty steep. She walked herself for part of it, but when it got too hard, she wanted me to carry her. It was so humid and the work-out was tough. I had to pass her off to Robert a couple times.

Taking a quick break as we hike up to the tops of the trees.

This picture kills me. She is soooo cute!

On the way down. Ajua wasn't too thrilled with the canopy walk. She started crying on the third bridge. She wasn't hanging on to me very well and she was slipping down. I couldn't hike her up because the bridge wasn't exactly steady. So I was forced to put her down about 3 or 4 feet from a platform. She freaked out and started crying. I had to hold her arm and scoot her along with my leg. It was pretty funny. When we reached the platform a guide came to get her and carry her for me. We headed back after that.

The ocean at Elmina, the slave castle in Cape Coast.

Ajua watching the waves come and go. She thought it was amazing.

Me, Ajua, and Junior. Junior is Kingsley's youngest son. He is the funniest kid ever. When we arrived at the school for the first time, he came running full speed up to Robert and jumped on him. He loved Robert. Junior was always climbing all over Robert and falling asleep on Robert's lap. I think Robert secretly loved it.

I hope you can see her face in this one. She was so cute at the beach. I was really happy we went, even though the castle was closed and Robert couldn't see it. It's such an important part of Ghana history and truly amazing to see. I was sad Robert missed it.

A very large wave was crashing in - I thought it was a little scary, Ajua was all smiles.

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Rebecka said...

I LOVE these pictures of you and Sarah on the beach. Beautiful! You guys look so happy! I am so excited for you. I have been checking your blog almost everyday!