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Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Pictures and Video

So here we are. One week into our trip to Ghana and we still have not filed our court paperwork. It's looking like I will need to extend my stay another week...

The biggest problem is that it takes all day to get one thing done here. There is so much driving involved - just to see if an office has a form. When they don't, you have to drive somewhere else. Nothing is online (most offices don't even have internet), nothing is filed and stored, nothing is simple or easy.

We are also learning that you can't call someone to see if they will be around. You have to go to their office or house. And trying to call and ask a question is almost as pointless. Most of our efforts to move this along quickly are fruitless.

We haven't even been able to spend very much time at the school. I feel so bad. I thought we would have all this time to go see things, so Robert can experience the beauty of Ghana and see all the reasons I love it so much. Instead, he has been exposed to the frustrating, impossible, and even annoying aspect of their culture and habits.

I also promised that I would take lots of pictures and video of the other children that are being adopted. That hasn't really happened. We jsut haven't had any time to really spend with them.

Anyway, here are some random pictures and one or two videos. Most are of us and Sarah, but there are a couple of other children in here too.

Brian and Josephine. Lanae sent a package for them. I was finally able to give them the package today. They are so sweet. Kingsley said both Brian and Josephine are at the top of their class. They are quiet, and Josephine is shy, but they are sweet and they really love each other. Josephine watches everything Brian does and follows his lead. I had so much fun spending some time with them.
Looking through their package.

So Cute!

Robert loves this little girl. If she were an orphan I think we'd be submitting paperwork right now!

Here she is again, surrounded by other kids. She is so cute and so sweet.
Godfrid. I just love Godfrid. He's another one I would be submitting paperwork for. He is very quiet and crazy-obedient. He loves to help and is so kind to the other children. He stays at the school with Kingsley's family, so I got to spend more time with him. I can't say enough about how much I love this guy!

Ajua loves playing with my glasses. She puts them on and starts strutting around. It's really funny. She has quite a sense a humor. She totally knows when she is being funny, too. She hams it up and then turns to make sure you are laughing at her joke. It's funny.

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Ginny and Ben said...

Oh, she is so cute! So, the bright side of all the frustration and delay is that you have to go back a second time. Maybe then you'll be able to enjoy hanging out a bit more.