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Monday, March 9, 2009

We Had Family Photos Taken and They - or Rather - She is Adorable!

So we finally had some pics taken of our little family. I added them to the rotation above, but here is one of the choice pics.

My Uncle Rod was a life-saver. Adjoa was NOT having it. Actually, she's been quite camera shy lately {that's my reason for not pics recently} and he was a regular comedian. We discovered Adjoa has a soft spot, or silly spot, for slap stick. She got a kick out of Uncle Rod's attempts to step up onto the porch {which inevitably turned into him bonking his head on a pillar}. Adjoa kept trying to tell him he needed to go between the posts, but for some reason, he didn't understand. Maybe because we weren't done taking pictures yet.

The small patches of snow provided another comedic outlet when Rod's head started to ache. He put that cold snow in his ear, nose, on his head - just about everywhere. Adjoa thought that was a riot too. So much that when we were done she chased daddy around with a handful of snow. Thanks, Uncle Rod.

After, we had a super-yummy dinner with family. It was so good to see everyone and let Adjoa meet more of the family that loves her so much.

We found out my cousin lives just down the street from two other families we know who have adopted from Ghana. Crazy small world, isn't it? And funny that you have to go half way around the world to meet someone who is so close.

Anyway, watch the slide show above for some new - and totally adorable - pics!


Steve and Narda said...

My girls haven't stoped talking about little Adjoa since we stopped by last week. It's "Adjoa said this and was so funny when she did that". She is such a sweet little one.

Calmil2 said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!! Harmony

kristy berrett said...

fantastic pictures. she is absolutely beautiful. and i did notice the bracelet and earrings--sisters weekend. what a beautiful family.

Jess said...

AWWWW...... what a cute family!!! Love the pics. :)

blessedfamily said...

Very cute photos!

tralina said...

So that's where you took off to! I love the pictures. My favorite is one of just Adjoa alone, she's looking left, with an adorable smile, and her eyes are just sparkling!!

Mom said...


I just saw the pictures. They are adorable! Anxious to get some copies made. Will Cathy be uploading on Shutter fly, do you know?

Love ya!

Chris and Lani said...

Jess, she's a doll! Such a cute little family! You all look so happy!