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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do You Need to Call Jesus? Because Adjoa's Phone Totally Does That

Throughout the day, Adjoa will bring me my phone and say, "Ma, you call Da-dee on you phone" or Nana, or Lois, or Ah-mee, or Co-bin, or everyone. You get the idea.

So she brings me my phone and says, "Ma. You call Jesus on you phone!"

"Oh sweetie, we don't use phones to talk to Jesus. That's what prayer is for. We pray when we want to talk to Jesus. Do you want to say a prayer?"

Adjoa looks at me like I'm out of my ever-loving mind and smirks,

"Me phone call Jesus!"

"Your phone calls Jesus?"

"Yes." She nods once, and then continues, "I call Jesus on me phone!"

Adjoa scampers off and retrieves her phone - she pushes a few buttons and then starts talking to Jesus, asking him to come home to play and explaining that ma's phone "no call you, me phone call you."


So if you need to talk to Jesus and, like Adjoa, prayer just doesn't seem to cut it, come borrow her phone because apparently it totally calls Jesus. Unlike my phone. I wonder if Verizon offers an upgrade for that?

Adjoa talking on the phone with Da-dee on ma's lame-o phone that doesn't call Jesus.


tralina said...

I love it! And I love your writing style. Maybe I'll snag Adjoa's phone next time she's here.

Jen said...

Too funny! Love it- she is a total ham!


Calmil2 said...

Stop it!! Seriously, I can't take the cuteness, I'm lauging out loud!

Laurel said...

Adorable!!! And ... not just her cute sayings. Your little Adjoa has the most beautiful eyes! Wow!

:) :) :)

moliver said...
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Jennifer said...

HA! That's hysterical!

ColleenaMareena said...

She's so cute! How fun! the wonderful thing about keeping a blog with kids is that you DO record all these little moments, that aren't big enough to make it into the "baby book" or whatever, but are just so wonderful to look back on in a few years. Thanks for sharing with us!

Chris and Lani said...

She cracks me up! Thanks for sharing with all of us. What a little ray of sunshine. I know I'll always get a smile after reading your blog.

Lois said...

Definitely my favorite story yet!

Steve and Narda said...

She is so darn cute!

The Hullingers said...

I cannot stop laughing! Does she have AT&T? Maybe I just missed an upgrade too.