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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opposites Attract

So our totally awesome friends, Gail and Kevin, came up for a visit this weekend. Gail and Kevin are responsible for Robert finally asking me out and consequently marrying me.

If you have a bone to pick, pick it with them.

Their boy is about the same age as Adjoa and it was a riot watching them together. They had a blast running around, and we enjoyed watching - er, chasing - them.

These are the only pics I snapped during the entire weekend. {I sure hope motherhood is not rated on number or quality of pictures}

We ventured out to the Children's Discovery Center at the Gateway. {If you are ever in Utah, and you have kids, it's a MUST}. The American Chemical Society was sponsoring an event there {they are in town for a conference that Robert is attending} and the first 1000 people got in free. It was super fun and Hayden and Adjoa stole the hearts of several local news station cameramen.

Unfortunately, the ACS story about children discovering chemistry and Hayden and Adjoa's 15 minutes {or seconds} of fame got cut for more pressing news stories, like drug busts and car accidents.

The world's loss. They were super cute.

Anyway, thanks for coming Kevin, Gail, and Hayden! We sure hope you can come by again soon!

Hey, at least the only pics we took will be perfect for blackmail when they are older. I may not be a great photographer, but I sure know how to pick the perfect time!

Our big joke the entire weekend was how opposite these two are. Hayden won't eat anything and Adjoa scarfs down everything. Hayden was falling all over the place, but Adjoa has pretty good balance. And, obviously, Hayden is about as white as they get - his hair is even pretty much white. But opposites must attract because they had the best time together. Their little faces would absolutely light up when we would arrive somewhere, get unloaded, and they would see the other one was there too. It was so fun to watch them.

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What?! no mention of dinner with Scott at Wendy's come on how offen does that happen