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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stay Away. Stay Far Far Away. Unless You Want Your Car Totaled

I've never felt like I had bad luck. But I know I don't have good luck. I never win anything. Ever. {Unless it's on ebay, and then I never lose, which actually gets me in more trouble than never winning} And it's not for a want of entering. I enter every contest, all the time.

But now I'm really starting to wonder if I actually do have bad luck, and I just can't admit it. At least when it comes to cars. So it's time to do an experiment Or rather, tell a story and draw some conclusions.

Just before our wedding {on my way to met with the photographer, actually} a giant truck ran a red light and hit me as I was making a left-hand turn. My car was mangled. Everyone who saw it happen, and saw my car, thought I was dead. (Bad luck}

But I wasn't. {Good luck}

So the car I had for less than a year was totaled {Bad luck}

But I had gap insurance, so they made up the difference in what my car was worth and what I still owed. {Good luck} I went to some physical therapy and we took some amazing engagement pics that I totally love. {Would you have guessed in all those pics up there that I was in a serious car accident just days before and that I was in A LOT of pain during our little photo shoot?}

Anyway. A couple weeks later Robert was driving to work and a lady decided to cut across the freeway to make an exit. The only problem was that Robert was in the way. So she just smashed him up against the center divide {the exit was on the left}. His car was totaled too. {Bad luck}.

His car was paid off, so we got a few thousand bucks from the insurance company and they sent us away. {I'm not sure how to classify this one because it's good that we didn't owe anything, but bad that it wasn't very much and now we would have a car payment that we weren't planning on. I guess it's void.}

So here we are, two years later.

It was snowing on Monday when Robert went to work. He hit a slick spot in the road and spun around and around on the freeway, finally hitting the center divide. That center divide and Robert don't get along very well - or maybe they get along too well.... {Bad luck}

We thought the damage was minimal and that we had escaped with just some minor repairs. Which would be so lucky. After looking more closely, however, we decided to make a call to the insurance company.

Allstate is right on the fence of totaling it. They are sending an adjuster out to look at the car and then they will decide what to do.

I'm crossing my fingers, but it's looking like Bad Luck wins out when it comes to cars....

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disabilitydiva said...

So sorry I hope he is feeling ok. Scary!!