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Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Easter from Hawaii

So Nana is totally on the ball and sent an Easter present for Adjoa.

I have a few Easter things for her already, so I thought it would be best to open Nana and Pa's present right away. {Not wanting to overload Adjoa on Easter was my priority. I promise. It had nothing to do with how excited I was about the present. Really.}

Plus, Adjoa had a little friend coming over, and when there was a knock on the door, I got her all excited. I figured when it was a brown box instead of her friend, I better make up for it.

So thank you Nana and Pa! She loves the cute little things you sent. The Tinkerbell Lip Gloss Wand is a big hit {that's what she identifies as "The Princess" in the vid} and of course she loves the My Little Ponies. She played with them in the bath tub last night and subsequently wouldn't get out.

Here's a couple vids of her opening the presents and saying Thank You. She was so excited! Hope you like them!

I love how excited little kids get over small things. It's so cute and really reminds me that the simple things are often the best!

I took another vid of Adjoa playing with the ponies because she started signing the song. She learned the song from a My Little Pony toothbrush that "sang". Carol, from Robert's work gave it to her and she loved it. She refused to brush her teeth with it - she just wanted to play the song and listen to it. Funny girl.


Lois said...

So sweet, I wonder how she will be around REAL horses? We'll have to give her a try this spring!

Nikki said...

She is beautiful!