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Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Could Call Jessica Jess and Robert Rob

Kids. Are. Awesome.

So over Halloween we had a little get together with Robert's family. {Ok, so a get together with Robert's family is anything BUT little} Nana turned 100 so we had a big family reunion and a party.

Maddy, our neice, and I are pretty tight. Robert lived with them while we were dating so I saw her often. Plus she was about 2 when we met, and you all know the magic I can work on 2 year-olds. Anyway, she used to always beg and beg and beg to come to our house.

During the weekend I asked her if she wanted to come to Utah to see us. She totally freaked out and said she didn't want to live with us. Mom-Amber and I thought maybe the adoption stuff was confusing her a bit. You know, Robert and I just find a kid and are going to take her home to live with us and be our daughter....

That's the backstory.

Amber sent me an email tonight that was pretty awesome. It restored my faith:

So Brandon tells me he wants a knew mom. Nothing surprises me with him. He is always saying new things to see what kind of reaction he will get. So I asked who he would choose for a new mom.

Brandon: Hmmmmmm.....
Maddy: How about Jessica?
Yeah Jessica!
Maddy decides that is a good idea for the both of them.
Me: What kind of fun things would you guys do with Jessica?
Maddy: Wrestle Robert?
Brandon: Robert hurt my arm! And he bent it like this. (Hand goes limp)
Maddy: Hey we could call Jessica Jess and Robert Rob.
Yeah Rob.
Maddy: Rob sounds like robber even though I know he really isn't a robber. {Maybe she should talk to Nana about that. Nana told me Robert stole her curlers.}
Me: So what else would you do?
Piggy back rides on Jess.
Play on the computer.
A few minutes later Maddy opens up her pea pod.
Maddy: Well well what do we have here? Jessica and Robert, Jessica and Robert.
I guess she was naming the peas in the pod after the both of you.
Maddy: Here Brandon I eat Robert and you eat Jessica.

I haven't lost all my charm for Maddy and I've gained ground with Brandon. Life couldn't get much better. Except maybe if it didn't end with a pea being named after me and then promptly eaten.


CtephFrid said...

That is so funny! Kids are great!

Jess said...

Cute post!!! We all know hoe fun you can be Jessica ;)

tralina said...

What a funny story! And, to your and Amber's credit, it is very well written.