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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Progress at Luckyhill

There has been much building here at Luckyhill since Robert, Lois, and I were here in September. {Wow. It doesn't take me long to slip back into Ghana-speak}
Here are some pictures of the new building {and some of the roofing and other finishing work that Kingsley has been working on}

New road sign. Oh. Yeah, Social Welfare suggested that the school and the orphanage have different names. So the school is now called King's International School and Luckyhill is the name of the orphanage.

Second Story being added to the older rooms. The kitchen and library are off to the right, and the new building is to the left.

Second story addition and the new building. This is so you can get a feel for the layout. I took three pictures panorama-style.

Here is the new building. The home where Kingsley's family and some of the orphans live is visible behind the school.

Kitchen and library. The kitchen is to the left. You can see that a roof is finally being installed.

This is the passage way down to the main school area. The middle and upper classes are held in the main school area by the kitchen. The home is behind me.

Here is another view of the new building, from the other side. The family home is to the left.

The family home to the left, the new building straight ahead, and the rooms for the junior classes are to the right. One of the rooms in the building to the right is where the older boys sleep.

New doors on the junior classrooms. One room is for the older boys to sleep in.
So that's the tour for today. I will post some pics of the children....and Adjoa shortly.


Samuel (and Parents) said...

Things are moving along if it has changed in 3 months!
Glad to see your back and posting!!!

Steven Emett said...

It is so good to get an update. I think I was just about to wear out my refresh button.
It's wonderful to see and hear of the progress at the school. Kingsley has really done so many wonderful things. I can't wait to see how things continue to progress between now and when we go.
Thanks Jessica for all you do! :)

Lois said...

Wow, I knew they had been busy, it's wonderful to see. Gloria is going to LOVE having a roof on her kitchen!

Ginny and Ben said...

I can't believe how much the school has changed since I was there in April (where did that tree come from?). I hear they have a library, now!