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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shabby Vignettes

So one of my favorite stores {Shabby Apple} is having a fun little contest.

They put together vignettes on their website. You know, to help get women in the mood to buy more than just a dress ;) Shabby is asking customers to put together favorite outfits from their line, name the vignette and submit it to their blog.

I got myself in inspiration mode and put together the following 2 outfits.

BootLegHer {get it? jab, jab.} I love to hoard a bunch of stuff in my purse. And for that reason I require a fashionable tote. None of those tiny clutches for me. My title for this vignette starts at the bottom and works it's way up and is inspired by the trendy and stylish booties. Is that a super foxy boot I see? Oh wait, now there is super foxy leg...and then...super foxy HER!

Sand and Sea Again. The tote. It's much easier to transition between purses when you can just dump ;) I believe this ensemble was inspired by our recent trip to San Diego. Southern California in the fall? Practically as gorgeous as this vignette.


Eva said...

I just clicked over from Shabby Apple. Checking out the competition if you will.
I used the same two pairs of shoes.
I'm looking forward to peeking around your blog more. Seeing what I can learn about adoption.

alaynamarriott said...

Okay.....I feel like a little kid waking up on Christmas know, that fun giddy feeling you get! I have wondered about you for the past six years - where you've been, what you've been up to. It is so great to find you. I haven't had a chance to read up on your blog, but I will as soon as the kids are fed. You look absolutely beautiful (as always) and I'm anxious to learn all about that beautiful little girl joining your family. My blog is private so if you want to check it out email me at

So great to see you!

Lois said...

You are killing me here Jessica! On Monday I ordered two dresses from my favorite Shabby store. Antiquated cause I loved it and
Tokyo Tea because it's on sale. Oh and the Lily bag? It's my fav I picked it up a month ago.
This is the proof- you are my long lost sister! lol

Rebecka said...

So creative Jess. Very cute. You wanna come help dress me? :) I'm' seriously impaired in that area.