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Monday, November 3, 2008

Blunt Triangles

I've started gearing up for Adjoa. You know, TiVoing kid's shows and stuff.

Besides Dora the Explorer, who has single handedly taken on Oprah and Madonna {and given them a run for their money, no doubt}, I didn't really know what kid's shows were out there.

So I asked my mom. {Never mind the fact that she has been out of the kid scene as long as I have, she is still my mom and is therefore far more knowledgeable than me}

All my mom had to offer was that I really liked Sesame Street when I was little. {Thanks, mom} I started recording it anyway. I've heard some pretty hyped-up talk about Elmo from the 3 year-olds at church lately.

I only wish I'd seen this before our trip to San Diego.

{No. Adjoa has not joined us yet. Yes. That means I have been watching kids shows without a child in the house...I figured I needed to screen them. Yeah, that's it. Screen them. I'm taking preventative measures. I really don't want to inadvertently hook my child on some TV show that I find annoying...or worse. "I'm a map! I'm a map! I'm a map! I'm a map! I'm a MAP!" is already a level orange threat. That's what I told myself, anyway, as I plopped on the couch and selected the next Sesame Street episode saved on the TiVo}

Anyway. San Diego. Somehow I get the feeling Andi, Sarah, and Jonathan would have gotten a kick out of this song....

I love Sesame Street all over again already.


CtephFrid said...

I LOVE Sesame Street and I love that Elmo.
Some of the kids shows I love best are usually those on PBS. They are clean and educational, plus they don't have a bunch of commercials that blare at the kids (then again Tivoing helps that doesn't it?)
I LOVE Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Dragon Tales. (all on PBS).
One of my other favorites was Blues Clues.
(I don't know if they show it anymore...It has been over 6 years since I was with my cute kids -nannying - the little girl was the same age as Adjoa).
We also loved the Wiggles (singing and dancing).
It is so exciting to think this direction of having kids in our homes. All the fun things you loved as a kid you can do all over again but this time you get to watch your children experience it!
So fun!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, none of my kids found Sesame Street as entertaining as I did. :) You know what they all LOVED, though? A show called "Bear in the Big Blue House." It used to be on Disney. I found some DVDs at the library and my 1yo has fallen in love with him now, too. It's a very sweet, gentle, FUNNY show with great songs. Just my 2cents.

Steve Emett said...

As always your blog is not only a favorite with Narda and I but also the twins. They loved this clip and all the ones that linked to it. Almost as much as the clip of Adgua and Jr. singing and dancing.

Katie said...

We don't have cable so we only watch PBS. The shows that I have seen on the Disney chanel and such seemed super annoying to me! I've only seen Dora once I think but i didn't like it. I LOVE Curious George and so do my kids. Then there's Word World. Love that one. My kids like Sid the Science Kid and it's educational but Clint pointed out that all the characters act like they're constantly on drugs. Now I can't watch it without thinking about that. I also like Dragon Tales and am a fan of Sesame Street myself.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one courtesy of Sesame Street. Awesome. With 4 kids under the age of 6 there aren't many kids shows we haven't seen. I can give you ones to avoid... Yo Gabba Gabba is SO weird and Little Bear and Franklin annoy me nearly to death. Otherwise, everybody else is tolerable.

All our kids (so far) are adopted and African-American. If you're looking for a main character that is African-American you need a few episodes of Little Bill. It's a show that was on when my 6 year old was little. It was created by Bill Cosby and is semi-autobiographical about his childhood. Little Bill is growing up in a multi-generational family in Philadelphia, PA. He is 4 years old and attends preschool, the show teaches more moral lessons (like being a good friend, not being a bully, etc) then the academic lessons other shows teach.
My kids still love Little Bill.

Steve and Narda said...

Super Y is on PBS. Sierra and Savannah love it and it teaches principles like sharing and telling the truth. Also, their is a princess in it that is black and is their favorite character! :)

moliver said...

My boys love watching the Backyardigans (Nick Jr). Logan has to DVR all of them! My mom has a hard time watching it, she thinks they're annoying but I think they're cute and some of the songs are pretty catchy. Logan also really enjoys Little Bill and used to watch Little Einsteins on the Disney channel, not as much as he used to though.
Oh, and thanks a lot for writing "The Map" song on your post. That darn song is going to be in my head the rest of the day now. Be careful of that Dora though, it can be addicting to children.

Rebecka said...

We LOVE Sesame Street! Especially Elmo's world. Danny already knows how to count to 10 almost by himself! I give that credit to SS. I thought only up to 5 would be a good start, but he just kept going! It's amazing! But now we check out Elmo's world DVD's from the library and we own several. We've gone thru other shows as well, all of which have THE MOST addicting theme songs...I can never get them out of my head and it annoys the crap out of me...but Danny always asks for Elmo, so that's what we watch all the time.