SugarHouse Mama

Friday, November 21, 2008


Kathy invited Adjoa and I to come stay the night at their place in Accra.

Real {meaning, not dirt} floors?
Hot water?
An actual mattress?
American-style food?

I had to think about it for, like, one second.

Adjoa and Esther had so much fun playing together. They were a riot. I just wish I had taken a picture or video of them. It's hard to leave your camera out - or even have it handy - when you've got two little kids who are in the mood to play with EVERYTHING.

The next morning, Esther was still sleeping while Adjoa and I were eating breakfast. She started sing-songing I See The Moon it was so cute. I rushed to dig my camera out of my bag to take a video of her.

I'm so happy to finally get her cute little voice on camera! Every time she was playing or saying something before, she would stop when I pulled out the camera.

When we were driving back to the school with Kingsley, Adjoa was telling him "I am Abruni, now!" and she held out her little hand to show him her skin. {Abruni is what Ghanaians call white people}.

She said "I went to Abruni house and ate Abruni food and drank Abruni tea (really, it was super-watered-down mango juice in a sippy cup) so now I am Abruni."

She insisted he call her Adjoabruni - white lady Adjoa.


Emily Taylor said...

We are both just so excited for you and Robert. She is the more precious beautiful thing. We have talked quite a few times about adopting during our child rearing years, and all your postings on your experience make it that much more encouraging.

tralina said...

What a sweet voice she has!! She seems like she's a quick learner-- it's nice that they teach her some English songs too. Did she sing any ghanen ones?

Steve Emett said...

My girls loved it as usually. They can't wait to meet little Adjoa.

Samuel (and Parents) said...

she is absolutely adorable. How do resist nibbling her cute little cheeks?
And the sound of her voice ---so CUUUTTTEEE!!!!

SugarHouse Mama said...

I DON'T!!!

Lol. It's impossible for me to resist either the cheeks or the voice.

Ginny and Ben said...

That is priceless! I'm so glad she and Esther got to play - I think Esther is starved for play time with other children! Still praying for passports for both of them.

Lois said...

It seems like such a long time since I heard that little voice. I miss her too! I suggested to Tracy that I could go to Ghana and bring her back, you should have seen him rolling his eyes!

Candice said...

How adorable! My little girl liked to watch the video over and over. Adjoa, is so precious. Is it crazy to say that I actually see a lot of you in her when she smiles? It's true, I totally do. :)
I'm so happy for you. I hope it's not too much longer until you can bring her home.
Take care!

Tralina said...

I was telling my mom about Adjua singing in your video, and my mom knows the whole song. Do you know it? Here it is, in case you don’t, and be prepared to cry.

I see the moon
And the moon sees me
The moon sees somebody
I’d like to see.

So God bless the moon
And God bless me
And God bless the somebody
I’d like to see.

I think it’s so sweet that they are teaching her that song, because it is so true—the moon can see both of you.


Shallee said...