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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Pics of Adjoa

Adjoa was so cute when I finally got to see her Tuesday night! {Her auntie had come to take her so they could have some pictures taken with her - they wanted to always remember her - so cute! They really love her a lot}

It was pretty late, for her, when Kingsley was able to go pick her up from her Auntie's. She was so happy to see me - even though she had clearly been asleep. She wanted me to hold her and kept turning to look up at me and smile. She played with my hands, tracing her little fingers over mine. I LOVED IT! After a little while, she snuggled up on my lap and fell asleep.

Anyway, Here are a few shots I took really quickly this morning. She was eating {or, as they say, taking} her breakfast.

Eagerly waiting to be dished up.

I know what you are thinking: Nice shirt, Jessica. Her auntie {or was it her uncle?} bought it for her!

Yummy! And yes, those are bread crumbs on her head. They are a really bugger to get out, too. Her shaved head is like Velcro - it attracts everything and it's hard to dig out little bits of....whatever.

I think she's getting tired of me taking so many pictures. It's not my fault. She wasn't exactly cooperating!

And last, but not least, here's a video. Lol. I guess I did go a little overboard, huh? I claim the mommy-eagerness of not having seen your child for 2 months.


Steve Emett said...

What a little princess. You can tell from that video how much she loves her mom.

Robert said...

I miss a lot today and when I think that you will not be home for another 3 days it makes me even more sad. I hope you are enjoying your time.

It sounds like Adjoa is really attach to you. I hope you are happy and enjoying your time over there. Give Adjoa a hug for me and tell her I miss her tons.

Bobby said...


I saw the new pictures before I left work tonight. I love her so much already. I can hardly wait to meet her in person!


Aunt Bobby