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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow, that's FRESH!

So we were finally able to enjoy our first tomato of the season.  The was only one ready, so I sliced it up, drizzled some EVOO and sprinkled some salt.  Was yummy.

Adjoa picked up a slice, took a delicate bite, then exclaimed, "wow! That's FRESH!"

Robert and I snickered for a second and then I said, "You're right, Adjoa.  It IS fresh."

The next night I sliced up a GIANT cucumber that had been hiding in the depths of the garden.  I bathed the sliced in lemon juice, and again, sprinkled on some kosher salt.  Adjoa picked up a slice, sniffed it, then stuck the whole thing in her mouth {much less delicately than when she ate the tomato}.  After she managed to chew and swallow the cucumber, she picked up another slice, held it above her mouth, declared "DelicEEEous Muchias!" and then gobbled up another slice.

I love this kid!  And I love that she appreciates and recognizes food that is delicEEEous Muchias!



She nailed it! We had some tomatoes from our garden tonight and just popped those puppies in our mouths and loved the "fresh" taste. Cute Adjoa...has a cute way with words. :)

Lois said...

cutie pie! Funnest age, enjoy every minute.