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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smart Things

We were driving in the car last night and Adjoa pipes up all of a sudden:

"I knows lots of smart things!"

Robert and I chuckle.  Grammar aside, she's right.

Me: Yes you do, Adjoa.  You are very smart.
Adjoa: I know singing.
           I know playing.
           I know riding my bike.
           I know playing with dogs.
           I know climbing trees.  But sometimes trees are high and big and you have to be careful
           and then I have to be bigger to climb them.
           I know lots of smart things, huh mommy?
Me: Yup.  Those are all really smart things, Adjoa!

Adjoa has this knack for being thankful and grateful.  She has such a positive self-esteem too.  Age jades us, I think.  I don't consider myself smart because I can type and "work on the computer" {that's how Adjoa describes it}.  I don't naturally think I'm the bees knees for knowing how to drive a car or make dinner.  But Adjoa does.

For Father's Day, Adjoa said her daddy is so smart because he even knows how to.... make her lunch for school.  Maybe I'd have more innocent, childlike, happiness on a daily basis if I thought all my daily tasks were "smart things" and was grateful that I knew how to do them.  Maybe it would pump me up to do the not-so-fun chores around the house that I love trying to avoid.

So here goes.

I knows lots of smart things!  I know cleaning the toilet!  I know mopping the floor! {I know that one really well, what with the dog, the child, and all the yard work we've been doing for the last 3 years!}  I know folding laundry!


Anonymous said...

I love it Jessica! :) I know pulling weeds. I know washing dishes. I know cleaning clothes. I know computer. :) Dang, I suddenly feel smarter! Thanks Adjoa for reminding us that we know more than we think we do. :)

Lois said...

I know lots of things too, some I wish I didn't have to know! It is a gift I will pray she keeps forever!

moliver said...

That is so precious, and so true. We all should be more like Adjoa. Such a smart girl.

Leanne said...

Hey there... wanted to drop a quick note to say "hello". I was best friends with Robert's sis Karen growing up. I have many fond memories of him pestering us before, during, and after school. I do not know how exactly I found your blog, but once I did I just couldn't resist checking it out. I have heard so much about your little family from Karen, and I must say, she was absolutely right... your little girl is adorable! Please tell Robert I'm so happy that things are going so well for him. Best of luck to you and your family.