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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's OK that I Don't Have Tomatoes... I Have EGGS!

Our girls are about 4.5 months old, so even though I've been shamelessly checking the nesting boxes, I haven't really been expecting any eggs for another couple weeks.  At least.

Robert was adding some more fanciness to the coop and dropped a screw.  He bent down to find it and instead he found... you guessed it.  An EGG!  He was pretty excited and came in to share the moment with me.  {How sweet!}

One of our girls left it sitting comfortably under the raised part of the coop.  As I walked around the coop to figure out how I was going to get that thing out, I spotted a little nest of 3 more eggs!

My cluck-clucks have been BUSY!

All four eggs are green, so I'm guessing they are gifts from one of the Easter Eggers.  It's also possible that both girls have been blessing us with eggs since there appeared to be two different nests on opposite sides of the coop.

They seem small.  Tiny, actually.  So at first I thought our Seabright Bantum was leaving us treasures, but I doubt they lay green eggs.  Is a mystery.

So here are a couple glamour shots for you to enjoy.

All four beauties.  The one on the top right is lighter and was the single egg.  So maybe Bunny {the lighter EE} left that one for us?!?!?

Here's one egg next to a regular store-bought egg.  It looks so much smaller!

Maybe "Extra Large" on the egg carton, really does mean XL.  If this egg is from my EE, I can't imagine the size of bird that laid the store-bought egg!  Ouch!

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"You have great eggs!" :) If I were your neighbor I'd share my tomatoes. I would rather have eggs and chickens! :)