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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleeping Angel... I Mean, Puppy

When I have days with Adjoa like today.... well, let's just say it's hard to be a mom.

Love her to death, that child can be stubborn.  And I should know - I can recognize stubborn.

Anyway, I peeked in on her before I went to bed and I couldn't help but laugh.  Sleeping children make days like today ok after all.

This is a soft, cuddly blanket that has a little hoodie with a dog face, and the corners have little paws.  Nana gave it to her, and she loves to cuddle with it, or wear it around the house and pretend she's a puppy.  Apparently, she was tired of being a child today and wanted to be a puppy instead.

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Like you said, they are sweetest when they are sleeping. She's still a sweetie when she's awake too ( and being stubborn :)You take great pics.