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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adjoa's Hair

So I received a comment on my blog about Adjoa's hair.  It made me laugh, it was so stupid.

In case anyone else wants a justification from me, here I go.

I have spent HOURS researching the best hair care methods for black hair.  I KNOW the hair care is different.  Give me a break!  I was researching about hair before Adjoa was even home with us.

I opted to do natural hair care for her.  Most of the way black salons and many black women care for their hair is extremely damaging.

I use all natural products on her hair and we have a system that works wonderfully for her hair and our family.  Part of that system involves an afro style every once in a while.

Anyone who has actually SEEN my child and her hair knows what good condition it's in.  I have black people stop me in stores and make comments about how soft her hair is, and what great condition it's in.  I have black mothers go out of their way to tell me what a good job I'm doing.

I'm proud of the care we take with her hair.  We've experimented and some things work great, others don't. 

I only ask 2 things before you pass judgment on my child's hair:
  • Look at more than a couple pictures of her.  It's obvious we take care of her hair.
  • Look at her hair in person.
I guess I shouldn't be offended by it - it's been one uneducated comment in the 2 years I've been caring for her hair.  I just feel if you are really trying to be helpful, you leave a name or contact info, or you suggest valuable help.  Not just "AA hair is different than your hair and you need to care for it differently.  You are damaging her hair." 


Oh.  And for the record, I have taken her to salons and had black women do her hair a couple times.  When braiding, they pulled so hard I was worried about damage to the roots, and they put a bunch of chemicals on her hair that dry out and damage black hair.  When I asked about natural products, they just gave me a blank stare.  I figured I was better off with my Hair Care Yahoo Group, Youtube vids from women and mothers who care for their hair naturally, and reading books.

Besides that - she's FOUR YEARS OLD, PEOPLE.  So what if her hair looks a little tired at the end of a day of playing.

Thanks for the rant.  I just had to vent.  Stupid things sometimes make me mad.


Jess said...

Jess, you are doing GREAT!!!! Adjoa is beautiful and her hair is amazing!!!Keep up the good work mama!! Miss you!


I agree that people should not pass judgment on how we are handling our girls hair care. We all do what we think is best for our child and people need to respect that. I think Adjoas hair always looks cute :)

Jen said...

Hey, have you done a post on the products you like best? If not, will you share? I also research and have tried different things but I always love to hear what people's favorite things are!

Adjoa's hair is adorable!


Jessica said...

Love this post, Jess! Adjoa is absolutely beautiful. Stupid comments make me mad too. I'm with the comment above, will you share your favorite projects?!? Thanks!!!

Jessica said...

Love this post, Jess! Adjoa is absolutely beautiful. Stupid comments make me mad too. I'm with the comment above, will you share your favorite projects?!? Thanks!!!

Lois said...

Lil's hair is the thing that scared me the most about adopting. I was without options for years and there was plenty to talk about!
Seriously Adjoas hair is to die for AA or not.

Ramona said...

HI. I've come to your blog for some time... but never commented... But today I was just thinking how your girl's hair looked so good on the die bar photo, and then I read this. Way to go on natural hair care! It's hard to be strong and do what you believe is best when everyone seems to work against you... In the 6 months we're home, several women have directed me to where they buy their black hair care products (for my 2 from Ethio), usually telling me NOT to do what I'm doing but to add these products with so many scents and chemicals in them. Would you mind sharing some of your secrets and tips becasue you are doing a great job!
(My biggest struggle at the moment is just getting a 2 year old to leave her hair in a style- all clips and twists are taken out during nap... GRRR!)

pi Toronto said...

strange people are everywhere:)
happiness for you and for your family