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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Winning Streak

So I can't win anything for free - like a drawing or a bingo game, but if something's on EBAY, well, heck, it might as well be mine. I have, to date, never lost an ebay bid. (I also admit I have only bid on a handful of items).

It's not like I just bid extravagantly, either. I study out the other items listed. I factor in shipping. I know what it costs at the store or Amazon or Nextag. I even occasionally make an outrageous bid.

For example, I was checking to see if our carseat was going to be shipped off (I won the Britax Frontier Red-Rock car seat on our registry for $202.50!) I saw a listing for a cute 2T winter outfit that was expiring soon. The current bid was $7. I thought, heck. I'd pay $8.00 for that. So I placed my bid.

And I WON! lol. I seriously thought it would be the end of my winning streak. Nope.

So here's a picture of my newest EBAY score:

Ralph Lauren Scottish Dog Sweater Set: $8.01

Look - there's even a HEADBAND! Won't little Ajua look sooo cute in this? I need some awesome tights and little black Maryjane's!

By the way - another accomplishment today: This is my 100th post! I'm feeling very successful and quite...accomplished ;)

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Amblin said...

That little outfit is adorable!! I'm having girl envy just looking at it. (So far, we have 4 biological boys in our family)