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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Manic Today

To combat my sadness I did what all adoptive parents should be able to do when they have the blues... Call their little girl! {or boy or whatever}

So I called Kingsley to, you know, exhibit my American-ness and ask a bunch of nosey questions about when and where and what and who and how.

Luckily Sarah/Zarah/Ajua/Adjoa was right there and wanted to talk to mama.

That's right, folks, she wanted to talk to me. Finally. She has apparently forgiven me for coming and loving her and being wonderful and fabulous and making her love me back and then leaving her behind while I hopped on a plane and returned to the wonders and comforts of American life. It takes a 2 year old 3 phone calls and a couple weeks to get over that.

Anyway. She was wonderful and adorable and not at all her stubborn self but her fun and cute self instead.

Mama {that's me}: Ahhh-Jo-a!!! {in a semi-sing-song sort of way}
S/Z/Aj/Ad: Yes?!?
Mama: How are you?
S/Z/Aj/Ad: I'm fiiiine.
Mama {so thrilled she is actually talking to me I lose my head for a minute and forget she can't really follow if I talk fast & etc.}: I miss you so much! I love you! I can't wait to see you again! I am coming back and I will see you soon. I miss you! I love you!
S/Z/Aj/Ad: Iluvyouuuu
Mama {Wait- what?! Did I really just hear her sweet voice say what I'm thinking she said?}; I LOVE YOU!
S/Z/Aj/Ad: Iluvyouuuuu!
{We did this i-love-you exchange, oh I don't know, five or so times because I just couldn't get enough of it}
Mama: Kisses! {insert kissy noises here - remember the eating her neck picture? I would say kisses and then, ah-hem, maul her with a billion kisses. She loved it and I have the picture to prove it}
S/Z/Aj/Ad: Kiss!

I was so happy I about died. Really. I was smiling so hard I thought my face was going to fall off. Kingsley's son Junior wanted to join the delight and soon pried the phone from my little one and boyishly joyously yelled throughout our brief exchange. It was awesome.

While Kingsley and I finished our boring grown-up conversation that I no longer had a taste for, my little one was clamouring for the phone.

S/Z/Aj/Ad: fante-fante-fante- MAMA - fante.

And so on.

Awesomest {did I say that already?}. Day. Ever.

Joy beyond belief.

Up-down, roller-coaster ride of a day: i.e. Typical Adoption Day When Waiting To Bring Your Joy Home To Cuddle And Squeeze And Love.


Kristin Jag said...

Great news that you got to talk to your little sweetheart! I am jealous of that!! Thanks for your message and I hope that you hear some REALLY good news very soon!

moliver said...

Thank you for sharing that sweet story. How wonderful that you got to speak to her!
(I love your new blog design by the way)

Jen said...

How fabulous to talk to Sarah Adjoa (I will just pick the ones I voted for since the options were there!LOL)! What a blessing that you got just what you needed. Good thing you called Kindsley!

I also LOVE the new blog design! One of my favorite designs for sure!

Hang in there, I am thinking of you...

Katie said...

I love this. Adorable.

Check out my blog post for today. I left you a message in it.


Ainsley said...

Okay, I just balled while reading this. I'm so happy for you!