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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Political Persuasion

I am at a loss. Unless someone, anyone, can provide convincing evidence for any candidate, I will probably "forget" to vote this year. Something I have never done and don't really find at all appealing because then I lose the right to complain when I don't like the way things are going in 2.5 years.

Didn't vote? Can't whine. That's my political motto. Ok. It also applies to American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and any other voting-based-turn-an-average-joe-into-someone-famous-reality show.

McCain: I've never liked him. For many, many reasons. Mostly because he doesn't vote/support his party and then he tries to glorify it by saying he's a maverick. I've never hated the word more in my life. Almost, it's ruining my favorite Mel Gibson movie. Almost.

Obama: Honestly people. He really doesn't have any experience. And the way he talks is so weird. What's with all the pausing and quick-phrasing mixed together? It's hard for me to listen to him. Worse than Bush? Probably not. But only because I haven't had to listen to him for eight years. He is promising an awful lot, too. But I guess that only shows how little experience he has in the US Government. Everyone else seems to know how hard it is to get anything done....

Biden: All I can say on this one is that I think, basically, we are polar opposites. I disagree with nearly everything he consistently supports. Of course, that is kind of hard, since his track record isn't completely consistent.

Palin: I really wanted to like Palin. In fact, I was rooting for her out of the gate, so to speak. I thought she was treated and judged unfairly at first.... And then she started giving interviews. She really doesn't know anything, does she? And what's worse: she doesn't even know what she doesn't know. I absolutely cannot, with a straight face, say that she is at all capable of stepping in. Just in case, you know, a 72-year old man who has already had cancer can't make it a full four years. (I don't think his POW status helps out in hoping he will have an extended life. If indeed, as a POW he suffered poor nutrition, hygiene, etc.).

So where does that leave me? Do I simply vote for the party that most closely reflects my beliefs? That tactic seems to be nothing more than a vain hope that the candidates actually vote with their party. Which, incidentally, seems to be what they are all saying they do not do!

How can I trust anyone who either doesn't have much of a track record, or has a track record that is more flip-floppy than a fish?

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Shallee said...

I am so with you on ALL of this! I'm considering doing a write-in just because I want my right to complain. I honestly like Mitt Romney, and think he's got a good track record, so I'm considering going with him. It's that or add to the 3% or so of people who vote for Mickey Mouse!