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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Odds and Ends and How I'm Finishing Them Up

What is it about your mom coming into town that makes you finish all those odds and ends?

Mom and dad are flying in from Hawaii for Cody's wedding. We are picking them up at the airport at 7 tonight. So to get ready for them I:

Finished piecing the top of Sarah's quilt. This will be the quilt for her bed. Of course, the room is still in progress, but I had vowed I wouldn't put away my sewing stuff unless this was finished. Because mom is coming, I have to put away my sewing stuff... I believe the 'proof' looks something like this:

Mom cannot come into my messy house.
AND Sewing things are a clutter.
AND Sewing things cannot be put away until quilt top is finished.

THEREFORE Quilt top must be finished so mom can come into my not-messy house.

This is how my brain works. This is also why the floors may not be vacuumed/mopped and the dusting may not be done when she comes. Because, let's face it, sewing the quilt is WAY more fun than vacuuming and dusting!

Oh, and during the same run of logic stated above, I also finished putting together the porcelain dolls my mom and I made. And I sealed and puttied the seams and nail holes on the beadboard Robert installed last night. And then I needed a break from all my hard work so I decided to blog for a bit.

Really, though, mom should visit more often... I get a lot of odds and ends finished up.

Quilt top for Sarah's bed. The center patchwork is just simple, 5" squares. The applique flowers in the boarders were the toughest part. I used blue thread to help define the applique pieces.

African dolls my mom and I made. I brought back fabric and beads from Ghana so I could make a doll with my mom. Five years later we finally did it!

Mom's doll.

My doll.


The Happenin' Harwards said...

I love the quilt, I cant wait to see it all come together in her room. So cute!!

Jess said...

WOW, you are talented!!! The quilt is amazing! I am really having a hard time believing that your little brother is getting married! Time flys :)

Ravenhill said...

The quilt is gorgeous!!! And I adore these baby wearing dolls! I make my own version and it is so fun to see some other versions!!! I love anything that encourages women to wear their babies!

Rebecka said...

The quilt looks incredible. You have done a wonderful job. I wish we lived in the same vicinity so that you could attempt to rub off some of your talents on me. I would just love to be able to do some of the things you can do. But again, it's beautiful. Give lots of hugs to your mom for me!/"{:+*-