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Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Months Later....

Our concrete project is finally finished! Ok. 3 months might be an exaggeration, but it has still been a lot longer than expected. We were initially quoted something like 1-2 weeks.

We learned recently that the products Jaron ordered well over 6 weeks ago were never really ordered at all. The supplier just took Jaron's money and never placed his order. Awesome.

You know, the worst thing about a tightening economy is that it really brings out the nastiness in people....

Anyway, 6 weeks, many phone calls, and a potential lawsuit (Jaron suing the supplier) later, we have our finished walkway and patio area.

It's the color we wanted, and I just love the way the tiles have so much depth in texture. It's going to be really fun decorating our patio! I can't wait!

Walkway up to the house.

Porch that wraps around the house. I have some pieces from my grandma that I will put out on this front section. I'm hoping her green thumb comes with the planters and furniture...I sure need the help!

A lovely view of the dog run that was meant to be a lovely view of the compass rose Jaron designed. He hand did every last bit of this project. It's amazing!

This is a good view showing the different levels. Oh, and that's some of the furniture we had to move off the concrete while Jaron was working. At the bottom of the picture, you can see a letter "E". That's the east point on the compass rose. It's a metal inlay and it's really cool. We did them for all the points.

Last one. This is the front porch again. I will be so glad to have this extra porch space. That little tiny stoop just wasn't enough space to really have fun with.

Well that's about it! Thanks Jaron! We really love it. I'm just sorry our project will be labeled the nightmare project because of all the problems we had - at least they were problems with outsiders....


The Happenin' Harwards said...

It looks amazing!!! You have been a busy little bee lately. What will your next project be?

kare bear said...

looks fantastic!

Katie said...

It's looks so great!

Gabe & Christy said...

that patio is sweet- way beyond robert's vision for sure.

that's so exciting about your adoption- do you need a travel partner to go to ghana? i'm in need of some hostels, bus trips with the bus vendors at every stop, and 4-wheeler rentals. let me know!