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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ashley's Bridal Shower

So yesterday I hosted a Bridal Shower for Ashley. (Ashley is my brother, Cody's, finance).

Anyway, everything went well. Ashley got some awesome stuff (can you guys move closer so we can borrow the make-brownies-while-camping-gadget?)

It was great to see everyone who came - Thanks everyone!

I was pretty busy hosting (whatever that means), so I only got a couple pics and the lighting is terrible in most of them :( That's what happens when you just point and shoot.
Yummy food
Family and Friends (ok, some of them)

Bryce and Katie

For info on Cody and Ashley's wedding, click here.


Harward Family said...

looks like an awesine shower!!! Sorry I missed it.

Rebecka said...

Jess, you're fruit tower thing turned out beautiful!! Great job. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.