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Friday, August 1, 2008

I Want a PUPPY!

I was browsing my pics and found these adorable shots I took of Eden like, umm, a day after we brought her home.

Oh my gosh she is sooooo cute! I started screaming that I want a PUPPY! (Yes, it sounded an awful lot like a 4-year old).

Robert stared at me dead-pan and said, "No you don't." Then got up to go clean up the yard in preparation for Ashley's Bridal Shower tomorrow.

Beware - don't let any of your kids see these pics, and Aimee, you might want to keep Corbin away from my blog for a few one can resist this face!

(p.s. In case you were wondering how I ever forgave Eden for eating my beloved Hat Boxes quilt, you're about to see for yourself the power of her wonderfully expressive face. Then you'll understand.)

All tuckered out from a long and involved photo shoot.

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