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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dossier Mailed!

So. Tuesday night I met up with Andy and Jessica. They just got back from Ghana and had all our paperwork from the social worker there.

I spent Wednesday compiling our documents for the dossier, getting things notarized, and swinging by the Dr. to have them sign the Ghanaian medical slip for us. I then, oh I don't know, octuple-checked everything several times throughout the course of the evening.

I made 4 copies of all our paperwork and then neatly stacked everything so it was ready to mail Thursday morning.

Today I went to the post office, carefully placed everything in a VERY large envelope (the stack was easily an inch and a half thick!), and jotted a quick note to Kingsley:
Thank you SO much for everything! We really appreciate all your hard work - God Speed!

My hands shook as I filled out the shipping information and handed our precious packet of paperwork over to the postal clerk. It was a very real moment for me. I felt like it proved that we meant business.

That and I no longer had control over anything. All those important papers are no longer in my possession. Sure I have copies of everything here at home. But still. If someone asks me where it is...I don't know. And it would take a week to get replacement docs to Kingsley.

I'm such a control-freak.

Maybe that's why I made 4 copies of everything. Kingsley will need to turn in most of them to various government entities, but there should be enough to go around - just in case.

So now we wait.

We wait for our I-600 approval letter from the US government. And we wait for Kingsley to wrap up everything on the Ghanaian side.

In the meantime Robert and I are going to get to work on preparing Sarah's room! That will be FUN!

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