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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Pictures, Depot Style

We had our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago, but I had to keep it on the down-low because they were presents for family.

I went with a retro-train station theme.  Not intentionally or anything.  It just turned out that I liked the location and our outfits had a retro twist.  Not so much with Robert.  I probably couldn't get him to wear a hat or a skinny tie if I had even bothered to ask.  But hey, gray and white is timeless enough to blend.  Plus, you don't want it too styled or you start to become one of THOSE families.  And I'm crazy enough.

Here's a few of the pics.  Adjoa was, of course, simply adorable to totally photogenic.

Thanks Cathy!


moliver said...

Such sweet photos. Adjoa is such a beauty! I love that beautiful smile of hers.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I just love the pictures! Were you giving Adjoa modeling lessons?! She just gets cuter all the time. Thanks for sharing!