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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adjoa's First Tithing

We had tithing settlement today, and it was Adjoa's first time paying tithing.  She has a little bank and has been saving  her money all year.

She puts her tithing in one bank, her savings in another bank, and spending money in a third bank.

Adjoa was so excited to count out her money.  I helped her fill out her tithing slip and she loaded up the envelope with all her coins.

When we visited with the bishop, he asked if she knew what would happen to her money.  She said, "They will build a temple with my money!"

So cute.


MsFeistyMan said...

We don't get a post for years and now look how many!lol.

She looks so cute with the new hair do!


Sweet girl...she's so pretty.

Shonni said...

That is so cute!!! How adorable.

Just the 2 of Us! said...

I love her hair. I love seeing kids get so excited to pay their tithing. Kudos to good parenting!

chambra said...

Look at you teaching Adjoa Gam's Savings, Tithing, and Spending Money method!!!

Chris and Cassie said...

Adjoa is the most beautiful little girl. I loved looking at your blog, Jess. And love how she kept looking at all the princesses at Disneyland - that is too cute. What a fun little family you have. Hope you're having a great new year!