SugarHouse Mama

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soccer Mayhem

Adjoa started soccer this fall.  She is a fierce little tiger out there on the field.  Or rather, DRAGON.  Since that's their team name.

At this age, she has the blessing of being faster than everyone else {I hope she STAYS faster than the boys. I don't want one of those rascals catching my baby!}.  She excels at stealing the ball away from the other team and driving it down the field.  When it comes to scoring, her aim is a little off, but that's ok.  It's her first time playing.  She typically gets the ball down the field and another team member can help her score if she doesn't make it in.

She has been loving it.  This Saturday is her last game until Spring comes around, and I haven't had the heart to tell her.  I'll probably have to sign her up for something else to keep her busy during the winter months.

Here are a couple pictures I shot at the game last week.  I've been bringing my camera, but I just get so in to the game I forget to take any pictures.  I made myself snap a few in a hurry at the end of the previous game.  They aren't the greatest pictures, so please excuse them.  I was just too busy cheering!

 Blocking out the other team so Max can score.  Never mind they are halfway down the field! 

 Throwing elbows with the boys.  Oops!  That one is on your team!

 Stealing the ball and making a fast break away.

Team cheer.  GO DRAGONS!