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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reason #152 Why Kids Should Never Grow Up....

They stop saying all those adorable things!

I think it's so cute that kids say things incorrectly when they are little.  It's one of the things I wish I could freeze.  This is my way of freezing Adjoa for a bit.

Cute things Adjoa used to say:
  • "Blubbing"  As in, "Mommy look!  I cut my finger and it's blubbing!  I need a bandaid to stop the blubbing."
  • "Solly" instead of Sorry
  • "Clazy" instead of Crazy.  We still say this one at home sometimes.  "You are CLaazy!"
  • "Junso" instead of pee.  This one comes from Ghana.  "Mommy, I jusnoed the bed."  "Hurry!  Or I will junso my pants!"
  • "Honly" instead of Only.
  • "Hunicorn" instead of Unicorn.
  • "Hand-Foot-Plints."  As in, "Mommy, I traced my hand.  This is my hand-foot-plint."  She will still say thins sometimes instead of "Hand-Print".

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Hike

Robert's family has a tradition of hiking Flat Rock at Thanksgiving.

We met up with some family members that morning and went for a little stroll before gorging ourselves on turkey.  Adjoa was very concerned that we would miss "The Feast".  She never once referred to the holiday as Thanksgiving, it was always, "how long until we have our feast?"

She was stuck like glue to grandpa's side and followed everywhere he went.  After we hiked down to the beach, she followed him on a stroll to look for seashells. 

 Checking out the view with grandpa.  I'm not sure Adjoa can even see over the trees!

 Hiking down to Flat Rock.

Heading off to chase down Grandpa.  He almost got away for a minute!

 Taking a stroll along the beach with Grandpa, keeping an eye out for seashells and cool rocks. 

 The tide was really high, so this is about as close as we could get to Flat Rock.  Right after Robert proposed, we came out to Flat Rock on a hike and Tom took some pictures of us.  We thought we should re-visit the moment.

 Happy Anniversary!  Four years later with our little family.

 Adjoa showing off the seashells she found on her beach walk.

 This is Adjoa's idea of following Grandpa's advice to be careful. 

 Brandon and Adjoa had fun testing each other's throwing limits.  Jacob soon joined in, but it was pretty easy to out-throw a 2 year old.  I think this was the beginning of the Brandon and Adjoa romance that lasted our entire visit.  Brandon declared his love to Adjoa and insisted she marry him.  When she told him she was going to marry JJ (a boy from school) he sighed, "ok.  But if he says 'no' then you have to come back and marry me."  Later Amber overheard Brandon declare the depth of his love in the way only a 5-year old boy can: "Adjoa, you can punch me and you can make me bleed, but I will still love you!"

 Practicing a princess pose.

This is a Fairy House.  Just in case you were wondering.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Disneyland... Anniversary Style

We took Adjoa to Disneyland for her first visit.  Everyone always says this, but Disneyland with kids is a whole different experience.  She LOVED it.  And she was convinced that everyone was real in Pirates of the Caribbean.  She wanted to go on it again and again and kept saying, "look mommy!  That man is still sitting there!  He should go home."

I encouraged it.  What can I say?  You don't have very many years when you just simply believe.

Of course she was all about getting her autograph book signed.  We did the breakfast at the park one of the mornings, and she got to meet a lot of classic characters then.  Actually, I was a big fan of the breakfast and I think we would do it again next time.

Adjoa's favorite ride was "the train" aka Thunder Mountain, and her favorite character was, of course, Ariel.

On our second day there we ran into my cousin and his family.  We were actually in the same line for the same ride at the same time.  Totally crazy.  You could be in the park for days and never run into someone like that.  We spent the day with them, and Adjoa loved it.  Having two more girls to enjoy the magic with sure made a difference to her.

We also met up with Kevin and Gail and Hayden enjoyed showing Adjoa all his favorite rides.  Those two are so funny together.  Adjoa is looking forward to playing with Hayden again on our next visit.  And of course, Karen met up with us while we were there.  You can't live in LA and miss your niece's first Disneyland experience, after all.  Adjoa even got to have a sleep over at Karen's apartment - something she was looking forward to for weeks.

Thanks to everyone who made our Disneyland trip a fun one!

 Ariel Is Adjoa's all time favorite.  The Little Mermaid was the first movie she saw when she came home and she memorized the songs almost immediately!  Adjoa was so busy staring at the princesses, I don't think she every really looked at the camera!

 Adjoa and Karen on It's a Small World.  Our first ride at Disneyland.  Adjoa was mesmerized.  It was so cute.  Around Christmas, they have Small World all decked out for the holidays and each country sings a Christmas song from that area.  It makes the ride more bearable.  You aren't guaranteed to have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day - more likely it will be a Christmas carol or two mixed with "It's a Small World".  Great.  Now I have that song stuck in my head....

 Adjoa and Hayden in line for Thunder Mountain.  At night, that ride is AWESOME.  It's sooo dark you can't really see anything.  The kids had a blast.

You probably can't read it, but I'm pointing to a Happy Anniversary pin we received at the gate.  In case you didn't know, Robert proposed at Disneyland.  This was our first time back since then!

 Adjoa and Anika with Ariel.  This was Adjoa's second time seeing Ariel, so I was able to get her to look at the camera, but I'm obviously intruding on her big princess hug.

 Disneyland brings out the kid in everyone.  Not that it's terribly hard to bring out the kid in Robert...

 The Princesses taught Adjoa how to pose.  She's practicing.  She'll be practicing for months.

I think this picture of Adjoa and Woody is so funny.  She's trying to mimic his stance.  What cracks me up most is that Woody is soooo huge.  It's like Adjoa is his toy.

  Belle is my favorite princess.  Again, I love the look on Adjoa's face.  Pretty much every princess picture turned out like this.  She couldn't take her eyes off of the princess.  Funny girl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did Your Adopted Child have a Tough Start? It Matters

I received this notification of some online classes offered by Adoption Learning Partners. I thought it particularly appropriate this month and wanted to share it with some families I know would love and appreciate the information.

It's so important to recognize some types of behaviors for what they are and what they are not. And sometimes it's very difficult as an adoptive parent to help your child work through things they don't even understand - or can't really even remember. Frankly, saying "you just need to love them" doesn't really cut it.

New Courses From ALP:

Does your child resist affection, lash out explosively or react unexpectedly to social situations?

He may be suffering from having experienced some form of trauma in his early days --- a "tough start" in life.

Many adopted children, whether adopted domestically or internationally, have lived through early days that were far from ideal. Poor prenatal care or substance exposure, or being born into a neglectful, chaotic or abusive environment are all examples of tough starts adopted children may have faced. Even if they are fortunate enough to come into a loving and nurturing home at just a few months of age, the effects of this tough start may linger in the form of persistent and troublesome behaviors. These behaviors are often so challenging that even experienced parents can feel puzzled, frustrated and even disheartened in their ability to raise this child.

Our Tough Starts Matter series is specifically designed to help. Each course offers research-based insights, practical advice and encouragement from experts who have dedicated their lives to helping tough start children and families thrive.

Brain Development Matters gives a thorough background on the impact that early trauma is likely to have had on a child's brain chemistry, brain development and sensory processing. As challenging behaviors often are rooted in altered brain development, this fundamental knowledge paves the way to more informed parenting choices. Learn More and see a preview from this course.

Treatment Matters provides strategies for seeking professional help. Learn about the benefits of an early diagnosis, treatment options and therapy approaches. Learn more and see a preview from this course.

Parenting Matters applies a strengths-based, therapeutic approach to helping parents connect in order to heal their child. The goal is to help parents respond to their child more insightfully, therefore shaping behavior more effectively. Learn more and see a preview from this course.

The individual courses in the Tough Starts Matter Series can also be purchased as a package with a 20% discount! Click Here to learn more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was Western Days at Adjoa's school.  She wore a hat Lil gave to her and selected a pink and green plaid shirt to wear.  Hey, just because you are a tough "cowboy-girl" doesn't mean you can't wear pink.

This is her little buddy, JJ.  They were in the same class last year too, and Adjoa LOVES JJ.

The first day of school she came home and said, "There is a boy and he is the same like me."

He is now fondly called "My JJ."  Honestly, I think he's about the only boy in close competition to Prince Eric.

It's Football Not Handball

Or, if you live here, it's also known as Soccer.  Either way, someone needs to teach my daughter the rules!

Ahh, MUCH better.  She scores like a pro!

Adjoa did really well for her first season.  It just ended and she was disappointed.  For about 7 seconds.  Then she informed us that she would be taking Ballet and Swimming Lessons.  I tried on the swimming lessons, but there aren't very many people too keen on jumping in a pool when it's below freezing outside.  Adjoa being an exception.

She starts ballet today {yeah}.  I tried to suggest something more suitable to her body type, like gymnastics or another form of dance.  She said she was sure she wanted to do Ballet.  I figure, what heck, let her wear a tutu and be a ballerina while she can get away with it.  All little girls deserve to wear a tutu and point their toes at some point.  I even did.  And I ain't got no ballerina body either!

Don't fret.  I'll have pictures and vids up here soon enough.  She does look awful cute in her leotard!  And their spring performance promises to be be adorable.  Do you hear me? A-DOR-A-BLE.  You will all want to come.  I can promise you that.