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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Hike

Robert's family has a tradition of hiking Flat Rock at Thanksgiving.

We met up with some family members that morning and went for a little stroll before gorging ourselves on turkey.  Adjoa was very concerned that we would miss "The Feast".  She never once referred to the holiday as Thanksgiving, it was always, "how long until we have our feast?"

She was stuck like glue to grandpa's side and followed everywhere he went.  After we hiked down to the beach, she followed him on a stroll to look for seashells. 

 Checking out the view with grandpa.  I'm not sure Adjoa can even see over the trees!

 Hiking down to Flat Rock.

Heading off to chase down Grandpa.  He almost got away for a minute!

 Taking a stroll along the beach with Grandpa, keeping an eye out for seashells and cool rocks. 

 The tide was really high, so this is about as close as we could get to Flat Rock.  Right after Robert proposed, we came out to Flat Rock on a hike and Tom took some pictures of us.  We thought we should re-visit the moment.

 Happy Anniversary!  Four years later with our little family.

 Adjoa showing off the seashells she found on her beach walk.

 This is Adjoa's idea of following Grandpa's advice to be careful. 

 Brandon and Adjoa had fun testing each other's throwing limits.  Jacob soon joined in, but it was pretty easy to out-throw a 2 year old.  I think this was the beginning of the Brandon and Adjoa romance that lasted our entire visit.  Brandon declared his love to Adjoa and insisted she marry him.  When she told him she was going to marry JJ (a boy from school) he sighed, "ok.  But if he says 'no' then you have to come back and marry me."  Later Amber overheard Brandon declare the depth of his love in the way only a 5-year old boy can: "Adjoa, you can punch me and you can make me bleed, but I will still love you!"

 Practicing a princess pose.

This is a Fairy House.  Just in case you were wondering.

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