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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nice Weather + New Princess Gardening Tools = Hours of Entertainment and a Few Less Weeds

For Easter, Nana and Pa sent Adjoa a set of gardening tools featuring all your favorite Disney Pricesses, of course. She LOVED it. {Think those hours of helping Daddy in the garage has had an effect on her?}

Saturday we finally had some nice weather, so we spent the entire day outside working. I forgot how much fun it is to do Spring yard work. {I will NOT be thinking this mid-summer. I will be wondering why on earth I bother with gardens at all, they are "so much work"} I also forgot how tiring it is :)

Adjoa was eager to jump right in, so I put her to work on a new flower bed. Robert finished the raised stone planter toward the end of the summer last year, so it is currently featuring nothing except bare dirt and weeds. Adjoa's job was to pull/dig/wrastle the weeds. She came over to check-in with me and was dripping sweat - I think the weeds were winning. She wiped her brow, sighed, and asked if she could water the pretty ones. Not really knowing what she meant, I agreed because water doesn't usually hurt anything.

I walked by the planter later and found that she had "removed" all the weeds except those that had any sort of little flower on them. Those she had lovingly and carefully watered.

I supposed I'll have to pull those out myself when she is not looking - or while she is taking a nap. Turns out yard work makes 3 year olds tired too.

Eager to begin her first outside chore of the season. Hopefully she will be as eager at the end of the season...I know I will be struggling!

Hard at work, wrastling the weeds!

I love the little tongue sticking out. Such determined concentration!

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The Hullingers said...

She is always so cute! So much personality shows in her expressions. And you've got to love Princess gardening tools.